Is a Sun-room best for me?

Is a Sun-room best for me?

Adding a Sun-room to Your Garden

Is a Sun-room best for me?Comparing sun rooms to conservatories is not really doing a like-for-like comparison in most situations, because in general conservatories cost are higher and they are more for ‘real’ living space than just for a simple place to occasionally go to relax – one is for leisure and one is for extending the family home.

Sun-rooms can be very easily installed, ranging from the very basic DIY options to some quite amazingly styled examples – the eventual design will depend upon how you feel that the room should be used.

In any event, looking at uPVC Sunrooms is probably better for regular use as they can last longer without so much maintenance as a wooden sun-room.

To find out more you can visit a comparison site like where you will be able to find some guidance on styles designs & pricing for orangeries, conservatories & sun-rooms.

What is an Orangery Conservatory – Are Orangeries different to conservatories?

Is there a difference between an orangery and a conservatory,  if so, what is it?

There are many differences between an orangery and a conservatory, but the two biggest would be how much they cost and what they look like.

The visual differences are quite marked in that conservatories have glass angles sloping roofing and orangeries have a flat roof with a raised glass lantern section.

Conservatories usually have at least 70% of the room made from glass – that is to say that the sides and the roof is mainly made of glass or in some cases for cheap conservatories, poly-carbonate roofing. Orangeries will have a lot of solid walling.

The price is different also, orangeries are more expensive – an average orangery will be  up to £20,000 whereas you can get a cheap conservatory for under £10,000. find out more about orangeries