Replacement Residential Front & Back Doors

Replacement Residential Front & Back Doors

Front Doors & Back Doors for your home

Replacement Residential Front & Back DoorsThere is probably going to come a time when you will be looking to replace the front or back door on your property, when it comes, what options do you have?

Front doors and back doors, are usually different only in that a front door is usually a little grander because of both tradition and the fact that everybody can see it from the street – a front door also, unsurprisingly, goes a long way to effect the first impression that passers-by or visitors form about the occupants when they see it.

Back doors are sometimes felt to be more likely to be attacked by a burglar, as they are often tucked away out of sight where the criminal can operates in seclusion. Having said that, both front and back doors need high levels of security these days.

You can choose from 3 popular construction materials for modern installations:

  • Timber
  • Aluminium
  • UPVC

Wooden doors that feature softwood need a lot of looking after, so use hardwood. Aluminium doors are elegant and strong, but can cost a lot of money. UPVC doors tend to occupy the middle ground, where they are strong, good looking and relatively cost effective,

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